Artist’s Statement


Why do I paint?  Why create art?  I paint because that is who I am. Early in life, I discovered that. A calming effect, a reflective time. And through drawing and painting, I respond to our world.

I paint about themes with landscapes or special places visited, unpredictable wildlife, flowers in gardens and in vases, and our very special pets.  I paint as a response to my daily walks and observations.  I paint in the now and present.

I paint because of life’s precious value and a close family I once knew.  I paint because of old friends I rarely see and family and friends who are no longer with us.  I paint because of those “white fluff balls” that have already crossed over the rainbow bridge.

I paint because of a teaching career that I loved. I paint each picture for the books never written, free verse poems that have no endings, for the lyrics never sung… I paint because of life’s struggles and triumphs, and if there is any reassurance, we all have them.

I paint for the sweet songs of birds that I wake up to or the colorful sunrise that spreads out over the horizon. I paint for the freedom of teachers to sing in their classrooms, reaching those students difficult to reach. I paint for hope of a better tomorrow and simple kindness that people display every day.  I paint for love and companionship and loyalty, because with those, my journey can continue. I paint for solitude and peace and for eyes that can see all that is good.


I thank you for visiting my art website!  Current works of art contain visual stories of landscapes, florals, and our precious pets.  Watercolors or acrylics or pastels have been used in the creation of each individual piece.  Note cards are available, too.


                                                         ---Kathleen Contri, 2019




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