Good morning to you!  Another promising Friday is here despite overcast skies.  I believe when it rains, it brings about a bit of melancholy.  No reason, I guess.  With a cup of my favorite coffee in hand, I will reflect on the day, what I have accomplished for the week, and what art projects are next.  With painting abstracts, there's no direction for me but purely emotion.  An abstract subject creates with color and textures and variation in shapes.     On the other hand, when creating representational art pieces, it requires a more specific plan so that my audience understands the message intended.


Totally different topic:  On the subject of friendship, I worked with watercolor effects, a quote and ink in this art piece.  Let me know what you think!






"Friendship," watercolor and ink, 2023.                           Kathleen Contri  c. 2023.