Photo by Kathleen Contri, copyright 2023

Hello, All! I hope you are doing well and enjoying the outdoors.  It's sunny here with a little haze to the blue sky.  We in the Midwest have been told of the wildfires in Canada, and the winds are carrying the smoke down in our region.  No one wants to hear about wildfires and the damage it causes for people, wildlife, and trees.  It has brought us some interesting sunsets and sunrises due to the smoke particles in the atmosphere.


  A bit of reflection here:  Although my art style isn't in the category of photo realism, it is loose realism (I made up the category) or representational.  What you see in my paintings is recognizable, and with that, there is truth.  What is truth?  Truth is my reality, and not make believe.  A quote about truth is not exact here, but it goes like this:  Truth is beauty and beauty is truth, and that is all you need to know.


   Truth in my paintings is emotion and what I see as beauty in my world.   From landscapes to flower gardens to my special pets....they are truth.  No spin, no tall tales, no purposeful exaggerations.  It's what I see sprinkled with emotion.


  Have a wonderful week.  Kc