What inspires me are numerous subjects like  animals, especially our precious pets, time spent working with students in an educational setting, and the beauty in nature.  Did you ever take some time to study your pet?  Our Samoyed Cassie has her own way of communication when she wants to play, when she's looking for a treat, or if she wants to get Tom's attention by nudging him at his feet or his hand.  When I take her for a walk, she tries her "mischief self" out on me by picking up a stick or a leaf with her mouth.  She KNOWS I don't want her to eat it.  Or she grabs at her leash and tussles with it while jumping up in the air.  Our pet Cassie inspires me to live life, have fun, and sleep when you can.


What inspired me in the classroom was working with a variety of personalities who commonly shared the same experience of art production.  Some felt more natural at drawing or painting, and others felt more creative in clay or sculpture.   Most wanted to excel in whatever materials and media they were working with.  Ultimately, I wanted to see each student engaged in what she was creating.  What inspired me was seeing students involved in the creative process.  By creating, I believe, artists learn much more about themselves through self reflection.


Finally, what inspires me in nature is its natural beauty in all seasons of the year.  An artist may change her color palette and even change the placement of trees or hills in the composition, but the feeling is the same. All of the raw forms in nature from fallen branches to a wild rose or coneflower--all inspire me to CAPTURE its beauty in a painting or a poem.


Have a wonderful evening.  Find your peace.--kc