What inspires me are numerous subjects like  animals, especially our precious pets, time spent working with students in an educational setting, and the beauty in nature.  Did you ever take some time to study your pet?  Our Samoyed Cassie has her own way of communication when she wants to play, when she's looking for a treat, or if she wants to get Tom's attention by nudging him at his feet or his hand.  When I take her for a walk, she tries her "mischief self" out on me by picking up a stick or a leaf with her mouth.  She KNOWS I don't want her to eat it.  Or she grabs at her leash and tussles with it while jumping up in the air.  Our pet Cassie inspires me to live life, have fun, and sleep when you can.


What inspired me in the classroom was working with a variety of personalities who commonly shared the same experience of art production.  Some felt more natural at drawing or painting, and others felt more creative in clay or sculpture.   Most wanted to excel in whatever materials and media they were working with.  Ultimately, I wanted to see each student engaged in what she was creating.  What inspired me was seeing students involved in the creative process.  By creating, I believe, artists learn much more about themselves through self reflection.


Finally, what inspires me in nature is its natural beauty in all seasons of the year.  An artist may change her color palette and even change the placement of trees or hills in the composition, but the feeling is the same. All of the raw forms in nature from fallen branches to a wild rose or coneflower--all inspire me to CAPTURE its beauty in a painting or a poem.


Have a wonderful evening.  Find your peace.--kc

For artists, it's a worthwhile practice to observe nature, walk through it, and use your senses to enjoy it.  Slow down your pace!  By doing so, you are allowing yourself just TO BE.  You are not driving anywhere or working on household chores or cleaning up your studio.  I believe this "time off" your regular routine can help you with generating new ideas for your life, especially your art.  Thanks for your interest, and have a great night!

Another week has begun.  As I add a new gallery to my website titled "Pet Portraits," I reminisce over many pet photos studied in order to capture the right personality and pose of special pets.  I love painting animals!  And, of course, our pets are loyal and loving members of our family.  Why not invest in a pet portrait to put on display? 


In my collection, you will see several paintings of samoyeds.  These sammies with their built in smiles and curled up tails are my special choices for a family pet.  What is yours?


Have a wonderful week ahead! Stay positive, and enjoy the outdoors.

Happy Saturday to you!  I hope that you are enjoying this special day.  Why a special day?  Every day is a special day when you make it that way. For me, it is accomplishment.  Updating my art gallery's website is one important activity.  I can't skip over a batch of brownies that I baked this morning either. LOL


Please let me know if you have any questions about art you see on my website.


Time has passed by like a speeding train, despite the pandemic.  I continue to create art, but it has not yet been uploaded to this website.  I intend to make changes soon.  Stay tuned.



                                             "I am today because of all of the yesterdays."


Experiences that all of us have in our lives shape us to what we are today.  Good times, bad times, fun times, difficult times-all of these events can be viewed with the knowledge that everyone in the human race has them.  Artists capture those times and place them in a composition to share with others. 

As much as we sometimes want to keep things as they are, we have changes in our lives.

Recently our thirteen year old Samoyed, Mazy Mae, had to be put down because of failing health.

It was a tough decision to make.  Our home is quite different without her.  Much changes in a home without a wagging tail, a bark by the door, or a comfortable upside down fluffball who's simply relaxing as we chill in front of the t.v.