Photo by Kathleen Contri, copyright 2023

Hello, All! I hope you are doing well and enjoying the outdoors.  It's sunny here with a little haze to the blue sky.  We in the Midwest have been told of the wildfires in Canada, and the winds are carrying the smoke down in our region.  No one wants to hear about wildfires and the damage it causes for people, wildlife, and trees.  It has brought us some interesting sunsets and sunrises due to the smoke particles in the atmosphere.


  A bit of reflection here:  Although my art style isn't in the category of photo realism, it is loose realism (I made up the category) or representational.  What you see in my paintings is recognizable, and with that, there is truth.  What is truth?  Truth is my reality, and not make believe.  A quote about truth is not exact here, but it goes like this:  Truth is beauty and beauty is truth, and that is all you need to know.


   Truth in my paintings is emotion and what I see as beauty in my world.   From landscapes to flower gardens to my special pets....they are truth.  No spin, no tall tales, no purposeful exaggerations.  It's what I see sprinkled with emotion.


  Have a wonderful week.  Kc




I thought my title would interest a few of you.  Yes, tonight is a glass of wine night with music.  I would have to say that Classic Rock is my favorite, but I enjoy jazz and blues, too.  Music has a way of soothing one's soul, and perhaps, that's what we all need.  The "Moody Blues" and "Crosby, Stills, and Nash" are two bands that I still gravitate to.   Soulful and reflective.  With the music playing, my ideas for art production soar.  Who carries a pad of paper and a pencil to write or draw out the beginning for a GREAT piece of art?  I am not so organized.   I will save those ideas in my memory bank until another day.  I wish you a joyous party of your own choosing.

Hi to all of you.  I have been lax in continuing with my writing here.  I hope that you are having a wonderful day creating new and happy memories.  Earlier today, I sat in our garden drinking a cup of coffee and thought how lucky I am to be able to do this.  Grateful! 


I do hope that you are enjoying my art collection.  While my new additions have slowed down on my website, my paintbrushes and I have not.


Happy weekend, Everyone!   An uneventful day here.  I am working on a summer landscape in watercolor hoping to get the right textures and shapes in place.   This project seems to be taking a bit more time due to other tasks.  On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, we experienced a pretty significant ice storm losing our electric.  Fortunately, we were able to use our gas fireplace and make coffee and scrambled eggs on the charcoal grill.  We are grateful that all power is back on and that we have a warm home and warm food unlike those who live on the streets or those enduring such catastrophic hardships as earthquakes and war.


I believe that landscapes provide peaceful moments and gratitude almost all of the time for me.  I have too much of an imagination to think otherwise.  When I complete this landscape, I will post it on my website.   Take care.

Good morning! Our county in northern Illinois is expecting a good amount of snow as I watch it fall outside my studio window. Stay warm indoors ....sounds like a great idea....and maybe with a cup of coffee or tea?

What do I gain from my a worthwhile question to ask even if I am experiencing slow sales. 


                                                 "Creating art in today's world

                                                  Helps me find purpose

                                                  And distraction and

                                                  Happy Feelings with

                                                  A sprinkle of reality."


Study my art collection, and ask questions about the story behind it or if an art piece is available.  And yes, I create pet portraits in watercolor.  Have a peaceful day!


Just a quick note today:  Today is a day that requires coffee.  The weather is chilly with ongoing rain and a strong breeze.  Yes, coffee....and a little meditation.


Wishing you a healthy NEW YEAR.   Let me know what art you like on my website, or let me know what subjects you would like to see.   Thanks for your feedback.

Hi, Everyone!  I am working in my studio on three different projects, a place that's definitely more comfortable.  Here's a lettering piece I want to share with you.  We are in a season of giving.  Everyone is watching their budgets and trying not to overspend.  I believe in the statement, give what you can.  And it doesn't have to be money.  Give the gift of TIME.  Give the gift of VOLUNTEERING.  Bring some practical household or food items over to your local food pantry.  A phone call or a visit to a family member.  Or give a gift of ART.



                                                                                                                            .....copyright  2022  Kathleen Contri

What inspires me are numerous subjects like  animals, especially our precious pets, time spent working with students in an educational setting, and the beauty in nature.  Did you ever take some time to study your pet?  Our Samoyed Cassie has her own way of communication when she wants to play, when she's looking for a treat, or if she wants to get Tom's attention by nudging him at his feet or his hand.  When I take her for a walk, she tries her "mischief self" out on me by picking up a stick or a leaf with her mouth.  She KNOWS I don't want her to eat it.  Or she grabs at her leash and tussles with it while jumping up in the air.  Our pet Cassie inspires me to live life, have fun, and sleep when you can.


What inspired me in the classroom was working with a variety of personalities who commonly shared the same experience of art production.  Some felt more natural at drawing or painting, and others felt more creative in clay or sculpture.   Most wanted to excel in whatever materials and media they were working with.  Ultimately, I wanted to see each student engaged in what she was creating.  What inspired me was seeing students involved in the creative process.  By creating, I believe, artists learn much more about themselves through self reflection.


Finally, what inspires me in nature is its natural beauty in all seasons of the year.  An artist may change her color palette and even change the placement of trees or hills in the composition, but the feeling is the same. All of the raw forms in nature from fallen branches to a wild rose or coneflower--all inspire me to CAPTURE its beauty in a painting or a poem.


Have a wonderful evening.  Find your peace.--kc