It's just one of those days when you drift through the day,dazed and acutely aware, of the importance of decisions made in your life.  What if?   What if, I repeat? It's not necessary to explain a specific reason for this feeling as we can piece together our own scripts.  The challenge I face is letting go.


           Keats said that beauty is truth and truth is beauty.  That's all you need to know.  


I appreciate beauty, and I hope that my art reflects how important that quality is.  Truth, however, follows.  Beauty is not heavily altered as it is, such as a beautiful person from the inside out.  Isn't that equally important to an individual's outer beauty?  Or is one more important than another?   Like a shiny red car or a gallery full of art, what is its strongest quality?  Enough of this!   Beauty is the truth you experience.                                      


Have a wonderful evening!  Get your rest!

Today is a beautiful day, especially for the first week in November. Squirrels are busy foraging for the last acorns that have dropped from our one and only oak tree.  The sky is blue, and the sun was actually warming us as we sat outside drinking coffee.  Here is a photo taken of the morning after Halloween, a cold and blustery night of snow.  Needless to say, we did not have many costumed children stopping by.


Happy weekend to you!  May the sun shine today in your part of the world!


I attended Monday's performance in Chicago.  Amazing!

Justin Hayward......Oct. 23, 2023....Moody Blues....City Winery, Chicago.  (c.  K.C.)

Justin Hayward Music...performance on Oct. 23, 2023....City Winery, Chicago.    (c. K.C.)

Good morning!  I took a quick tour of our flower garden to search for still blooming flowers and foliage to create a bouquet.  I may create an art composition with these flowers.  Colored pencil? Watercolors? Acrylic?Pastel?  When you have those days when you don't know what to paint, walk around outside for inspiration.  Or pick up a magazine and skim through the photos for ideas.  You could blend several images into a brand new composition from those photos.  That's always fun and more challenging.  Or simply start never know what that leads to.   Have fun!








Good morning to you!  Another promising Friday is here despite overcast skies.  I believe when it rains, it brings about a bit of melancholy.  No reason, I guess.  With a cup of my favorite coffee in hand, I will reflect on the day, what I have accomplished for the week, and what art projects are next.  With painting abstracts, there's no direction for me but purely emotion.  An abstract subject creates with color and textures and variation in shapes.     On the other hand, when creating representational art pieces, it requires a more specific plan so that my audience understands the message intended.


Totally different topic:  On the subject of friendship, I worked with watercolor effects, a quote and ink in this art piece.  Let me know what you think!






"Friendship," watercolor and ink, 2023.                           Kathleen Contri  c. 2023.


"Nature's Changing Colors," acrylic on canvas, 2023,                        Kathleen Contri,  c. 2023.


This painting is almost finished!  It represents changes in nature, people, places, and attitudes.

"Musical Complexities," 2023.  Acrylic Painting.  


ART ANNOUNCEMENT!!  Wonderful news.  My acrylic painting is currently part of an online ABSTRACT EXHIBITION sponsored by Las Laguna Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, California.  This exhibition will be on display until Sept. 29, 2023.  Check it out! There is a lot of variety in this category.


It's a beautiful day.Skies are bright blue with no clouds in sight.  Such a refreshing cool breeze which is such a needed break from hot and humid days.  Enjoy!